Dec 04

Princess Chelsea + Kitty

Princess Chelsea,

Union Stage All Ages
Doors 7PM | Show 8PM

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Princess Chelsea

Cult producer Princess Chelsea crafted her upcoming “nervous breakdown album” Everything is Going to be Alright, at home in pastoral Aotearoa New Zealand. The album, due this October, is a comforting offering. These aren’t wallowing sad songs, instead, instead it’s twin opening and closing tracks chronicle Chelsea Nikkel’s recovery, and are intended to be a cathartic listen for anybody who might need it. “If you feel you want to die / trust me darling / it just takes time” she sings in forthcoming single ‘Time.’ Meanwhile, carefully layered vocal melodies set over mellotron flutes and harp interwoven with live cello and violin showcase Chelsea’s skills as an arranger and producer.

Chelsea’s cinematic, dreamy pop has been refined over 11 years, five albums, an E.P, and 11 singles. Her delivery and songwriting is distinctive for layering almost naive earnestness with cynical, tongue-in-check wit and aural sparkles. Her 2018 grunge girl group track ‘I Love My Boyfriend’ and her 2011 Nancy & Lee inspired ‘Cigarette Duet’ have recently raised her profile into the wider public consciousness via the grass roots influence of a new Tik Tok Generation.


Kitty Ray began her solo music career as a high-schooler, recording her viral hits ‘Okay Cupid’ and ‘Orion’s Belt’ in her closet between shifts at the mall in 2012. Before long, she’d become an innovative and illustrious DIY pop producer & songwriter, hitting #9 on Billboard’s dance charts with 2019’s “Rose Gold” and top 5 iTunes dance charts with 2014’s ‘Frostbite’.

Kitty’s voice and unique production can be heard in many indie videogames, and as part of her other two bands: gonzo EDM duo The Pom-Poms and lo-fi indie outfit Teen Suicide. 

Kitty’s new music will be released this year through her own record label, Pretty Wavvy.

This show is at Union Stage

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