Sep 01

No Filter – Henri B. Styles + DJ Nah FR with Special Guests Janae Music + DJ Bri Mafia + DJ Chan Don

No Filter – Henri B. Styles,

DJ Nah FR,

with Special Guests Janae Music + DJ Bri Mafia + DJ Chan Don,
Union Stage All Ages
Doors 7PM | Show 8PM

About the event

No Filter is a recurring event dedicated to holding space for local women artists. This event aims to promote an unfiltered good time and vibe while providing a space where you can be the rawest version of yourself. When we say come as you are, we really mean it. DJ Nah FR, in collaboration with 4theDMV for this installation, is creating a welcoming environment for all people to discover new music and local artists, while simultaneously providing a platform for women artists, performers and creatives. There is a lack of opportunity for us in the entertainment space, which is why No Filter is coming to bridge the gap so our community of artists, that are equally as talented as their male counterparts, can begin to receive equal opportunities. An overwhelming majority of all genders in the entertainment space believe that women, especially black women, need more spaces to share their art. No Filter at Union Stage on September 1st is the inaugural event in the series, so you will not want to miss it. There’s only one chance to make a first impression and No Filter will make a lasting one.

Henri B. Styles

Henri B. Styles, born Henriette Bangoura, is a 21-year-old R&B and Soul singer-songwriter of Guinean descent. She was born and raised just outside of Washington, DC. She released her first EP Alter-Ego in 2019, where she drew heavily on a dreamy-ethereal vibe. After Henri’s debut EP release, the singer spent the remainder of the year building a catalog of songs that were unfortunately lost and ultimately led to the creation of The Lost Files EP later that year. “Hi Now” and “What You Want,” Henri B. Styles’ most recent single releases, display the artist’s range and realness. In April 2021, she released her third project Phases, an 11-song offering that gives her fanbase a taste of what’s to come. Today, the super talented R&B artist is more than just a singer. Her love for fashion and strong social media presence is a combination that not many have. Her latest EP shows her growth as a creative and, more importantly, as a woman. The implementation of empowering skits on her project shows where she is at the moment. She will not conform; she will not be denied. Henri B. Styles is a star in the making


DJ Nah FR is a lifelong Washingtonian. She is an open format DJ, event curator, and vibe master. DJ Nah FR is a risk taker, not only in performance, but in life as well. She pivoted to DJing at the height of the pandemic in May 2020. Her sound is diversified yet cohesive. She showcases everything from alternative to oldies to trap. Although she plays familiar songs that people will sing along to, she constantly has people asking “what song was that?” DJ Nah FR is dedicated to exposing people to songs they like, but just haven’t heard yet. DJ Nah FR is an advocate for women in entertainment and she is dedicated to creating spaces for them to safely share their talents with their audience. She thrives in environments where she has the opportunity to collaborate and learn from other women.

Janae Music

Janae was born in Alexandria, VA. She grew up in DC, later moved to MD, and back to DC as a teen. She is currently still living in DC and is a true representation of the entire DMV! Janae grew up a tomboy, watching and playing sports and is now tapping into her femininity and discovering her beauty. She is an artist with a lot of power and energy. She is best known for her vocals and swag. Janae is known in the DC music scene as a gangsta R&B singer. She’s added her own spin to R&B with a twist of hip hop. She has created her own lane and genre and titled it Hardcore R&B. When you hear her music, you’ll know why! Janae performs all over from LA to Texas, Miami, Ohio and more! She’s no stranger to the stage or the booth and can rock any mic. Janae Music is the next big thing to come from DC!

DJ Bri Mafia

Currently based in the DMV, but from Dover, Delaware, DJ Bri Mafia is a DJ, Entrepreneur and Curator who is dedicated to providing platforms for the local music scene in the DMV and Baltimore. Bri Mafia is an underground DJ of 7 years. She’s the official DJ for Cypher Clique, hailing from her hometown. In response to the lack of inclusivity for local artists in the DMV, Bri Founded and Curates “4theDMV”, a mix compilation and showcase which highlights all creatives in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Bri is Territory Sales Manager of Urban Garden Brewing, the first black woman owned beer and wine distributor in Washington, DC. Her professional experience of 4 years in the beer industry led to the founding of her platform ‘BrewzN’Viewz’ in 2019, which influences beer culture amongst black millennials. She is also a Brand Ambassador for Soul Mega, one of the four black owned beer companies in DC.

DJ Chan Don

Doneshia “DJ Chan Don” English is based in Washington, D.C. This Birmingham, AL native incorporates her southern trap upbringing into every genre from house to trip hop.  Owning her southern trill and belle charm, she creates a certain edge to the DJ world. DJ Chan Don is a classically trained pianist who always had an interest in music. With a background in healthcare, she began research on how music can impede Alzheimer’s. She began creating playlists for a collective group of senior citizens who were in early stages of Alzheimer’s. By collecting songs from  highlighted eras in their lives, she began to visibly see the joy from scrolling through songs and bringing them back to a familiar place. This is when interest became passion. DJ Chan Don is a force to be reckoned with. She has a very versatile style and cannot be put into a box. With educational engagements, she plans to inspire and mentor youth the importance of education and help navigate those who have that interest just as she did.She finds a way to connect her music with fashion, technology, and education.

This show is at Union Stage

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740 Water Street SW
Washington, DC 20024