Jan 07

John Clark & Friends feat. Acquaah + Ezy Truth + Jayla Elise + L.E.A.N + Blaxian

John Clark & Friends,

feat. Acquaah + Ezy Truth + Jayla Elise + L.E.A.N + Blaxian,
Union Stage All Ages
Doors 7PM | Show 8PM

About the event

John Clark

John Clark, At the age of 9 moved to PG County Maryland, USA. But was born in Saint Paul Minnesota USA. His music is a combination of elements from Rock & Roll, Rhythm and Blues, and Alternative. Historically, he is often told he resembles the legendary Jimi Hendrix. His influences are as follows; Juice WRLD, Future, and Kanye West. John has written, engineered and produced his own content for 10 plus years. Lastly, has been classically trained since the age of five.


Acquaah, hailing from Accra Ghana. Is Currently residing in Bethesda Maryland USA. He exemplifies mastery in Afropop, Afro Fusion, and Hip Hop genres and subgenres. His influences are Drake, Wizkid, Rema and Future. Acquaah has been a full-time creative since early 2017. He also produces and engineers for himself and others at the studio he owns. He has been compared to elite artists such as Burna Boy and has amassed close to a million streams across all major platforms.

Ezy Truth

Eric “Zion” Utsey aka EZY, is an artist born and raised in Washington, DC! His motive is to use his voice to shed light upon the darkness in the city. He is determined to change the image of what’s expected from black men and male rappers in general. He wants to get back to the bars, telling stories, and incorporating his DC and West African Culture into his music. While the path he chose isn’t common, he is continuing to stay true to himself!

Jayla Elise

As your need to put your thoughts into words, 19-year-old Jayla Elise writes music that says what most are “too afraid to talk about aloud.” The singer/songwriter uses her raw- personal experiences to create a safe and relatable space in her music. She specializes in R&B and soul, connecting with her empathetic side. As an independent artist, she’s been able to dive deeper into her craft through her Tiktok social media influence.


Love Eliminates All Negativity

DJ Such N Such

Such  N  Such  is  a  multifaceted  musician  from  the  south  side  of  Chicago, hailing  from  the  Englewood  community.  Over  the  years,  Such  has  taken  residency  between  Chicago  and  Washington,  D.C.,  while  establishing  himself  as  a  producer,  trumpet player,  DJ,  engineer,  and  teacher  in  his  field.  At  an  early  age,  Such  began  his  career  as  a  producer  and  would  go  on  to  utilize  the  skills  he  learned  in  studio  settings  to  branch  into  other  avenues  of  music.  This  curiosity  bled  into  high  school  where  Such  began  to  take  up  DJing  after  his  appreciation  for  crate  digging. At  the  same  time,  he  began  to  explore  traditional  music  settings  by  playing  trumpet  in  his  high  school  band.  By  the  age  of  18,  Such  N  Such  had  already  been  resident  DJ/producer  for  Chance  the  Rapper for  two  years  while  claiming  production  placements  with  other  artist,  such  as  Saba,  Mick  Jenkins,  and  many  more.  After  interning  in  studios  in  New  York,  Los  Angeles,  and  Scratch  DJ  Academy,  the musician  has finished  his  formal  training  in  music  education  at  Howard  University and graduated with a Bachelors in Music. Such is now freelance videographer DJ, and  a teaching  musician  in  Chicago.  


Known for his R&B/Soul style that has continuously alternated between heart centered and care-free lyrical elements, Blaxian is a singer, songwriter, producer and creative director. Growing up in Uptown, Washington, D.C., he learned how to play piano, drums and bass guitar with the guidance and teachings of his musically inclined family tree. In particular, his father is an immense influence to his musical career due to his own multi-talented abilities within the musical world as well. Blaxian started much of his self-taught musical career at 14 years old, and is committed to growing and evolving within his lifelong passion and only life purpose — music.

This show is at Union Stage

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740 Water Street SW
Washington, DC 20024