Mar 30

Elise Trouw – The Losing Sleep Tour + Cat Janice

Union Stage All Ages
Doors 7PM | Show 8PM

About the event

Elise Trouw

Born to a South African father and a mother from New York in the very last year of the millennium. Raised on The Carpenters, Green Day, and 80s New Wave. Her music inspiration first occurred at six years old when she heard the haunting piano melody in “My Immortal” by Evanescence during a five-hour plane ride as she played it repeatedly. She immediately begged her parents for piano lessons and her musical journey began, usually practicing at five in the morning before school each day much to her parents’ dismay.

Life changed when her family bought the game Rockband for Xbox. After mastering the drums to The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Dani California” on Expert Mode, Elise was determined to convince her parents that she now needed drum lessons. Honing her musical skills through The School of Rock and playing in her high school jazz band and the hard work of 10,000+ hours of practicing, Elise has built a massive fanbase through her self-produced YouTube videos, social media platforms and touring both as a solo looping artist and with her band. She has performed on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and was commissioned to shoot a video for the Amazon Prime Academy Award nominated picture “The Sound of Metal” which also featured Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and Paul Raci, co-star of the movie.

Recently, Elise had the honor of filling in on drums for Seal at one of his shows and has recently written with Andy Summers from The Police, Finneas, Hall of Fame Songwriter Steve Dorff and is currently working with Grammy Award winning producer Daniel Tashian (Kacey Musgraves/Golden Hour) for new music to be released in the fall of 2022.

Cat Janice

Driving with a fine fusion of emotional integrity and energizing musicianship, songwriter and artist Cat Janice delivers a fresh thread of artistry to the modern music scene. The indie gem presents a skilful balance of soaring vocals, snappy guitar lines and euphoric synths, for a uniquely immersive take on alt pop. Inspired by the likes of Remi Wolf, Benee, and Willow, Cat’s love for music transcends the limits of style. Her songs connect with their strong grooves and confident melodies that feel genuinely fresh.

Born and raised in Northern Virginia by a vastly musical family, Cat took to violin and piano at an early age. What followed was 14 years of classical training, with valuable time spent as part of orchestral productions, jazz bands and theatre shows. The writer/producer explains, “I’m trained in multiple styles of music, I want to use all of it. I don’t want to be defined by a genre. I want to create what I want, write about what I want, and sing in whatever style I want. If there’s anything cancer taught me, it’s that I need to just do what makes me happy. Because at the end of the day, your emotions through creativity is the only thing you’ll be able to leave behind, so say what you want!”

Though Cat’s energy and passion seem unparalleled, her life has not been without difficulties. The creative is fearlessly transparent about her recent battle with cancer, her new songs delving into both the struggles and successes of that journey. Her latest single “Chill the fck out” stems from the overwhelming feeling of being stressed out and burning the candle at both ends. The song became her mantra for getting through the stressful time, encouraging her listeners to stop overthinking and take a deep breath. The new single radiates with a groovy, fun, danceable beat and relatable, honest lyrics.

Despite her obstacles, Cat’s lust for life is infectious. Her new music is enlightening with both uniting heartfelt lyrics and electrifying production. With a breadth of musicianship and optimistic grooves, Cat Janice is an unstoppable creative force.

This show is at Union Stage

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