Jul 01

Eli Waltz + Nim + Umami House @ Miracle Theatre

Eli Waltz @ Miracle Theatre,

Nim, Umami House,
Miracle Theatre All Ages
Doors 7PM | Show 8PM

About the event

Eli Waltz

Eli Waltz is a folk singer & songwriter based in Washington, D.C. For Eli, travel and music are inextricably linked. He cut his teeth busking in the streets of Medellin, Tel-Aviv, and Dali, China. For a long spell, he lived and performed in Beijing. His sound can most aptly be described as psychedelic folk, drawing inspiration from traditional American folk music, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, classical music and traditional Chinese folk music. Eli incorporates a fingerpicking style modeled on folk legend Townes Van Zandt, a slide guitar style inspired by the ancient Chinese instrument Guqin and Mississippi Blues, and he draws upon the vocal stylings of Ray Lamontagne and John Lee Hooker.


A musical chameleon who has never concerned himself with fitting into one genre, Nim both perfectly embodies and fundamentally challenges what it means to be a singer-songwriter in this day and age. His debut project “to all the girls i’ve loved before” exemplifies this, taking listeners on a musical journey with songs ranging from indie grunge rock to emotive guitar ballads to catchy R&B anthems. His poignant lyrics, distinctive melodies, and soulful voice all work to tell stories in a way that is timeless and uniquely his own. Nim has a sound for every ear—come hear for yourself.

Umami House

Umami House is a DC based music duo that blends pop, funk, and soul influences into a unique and powerful sound that’s truly umami. The lyrics of their songs are filled with stories of love, loss, and everything in between, creating a powerful emotional connection with their listeners.

This show is at Miracle Theatre

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535 8th St SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 400-3210