Apr 23

Anson Seabra Presents: The Wonderland Tour + Em Beihold @ Miracle Theatre

Miracle Theatre All Ages
Doors 7PM | Show 8PM

About the event

Anson Seabra

Kansas City-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Anson Seabra unlocks an escape in his music. The warmth of his voice comforts as the stark production uplifts. Within the last year, Anson has generated 250M streams on Spotify independently via TuneCore. His 2020 single, “Walked Through Hell” charted in Hot AC Radio’s Top 30 and Top 5 Most Added with 49M streams on Spotify. Along with this, his release “Magazines” was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, New Music Daily, and Fresh & Chill playlists. Anson was featured on Ellen for his first TV performance debut of his latest single “Dominoes.” His music also appears on the Chill Hits, Everyday Favorites, Soft 10’s best-of-the-decade playlist, sad hour, “Life Sucks,” Chill Pop, Next Gen Singer-Songwriter, and Today’s Singer-Songwriters playlists.

Following college and a short-lived stint behind a desk in corporate America, “Welcome To Wonderland” granted the escape he craved. Originally released in 2018, his debut single quietly gained momentum over the next two years as listeners latched on to the otherworldly whimsy of the lyrics and the nuanced melodies of his delivery. Galvanized by a major reaction on Tik Tok, it eventually eclipsed 85 million Spotify streams. The follow-up single “Robin Hood” eventually hit the same mark with 71 million Spotify streams as fans fell under Anson’s spell. Highlighted by “That’s Us” [60 million Spotify streams], “Trying My Best” [65 million Spotify streams], and “Broken” [47 million Spotify streams], 2020’s Songs I Wrote In My Bedroom fortified this connection. He garnered support from all streaming platforms while OnesToWatch noted, “Seabra melds soft, sweet melodies with powerful yet controlled vocals, birthing a sound that we can only describe as the lovechild of Ruth B’s ‘Lost Boy’ and Lewis Capaldi’s voice.” Building up an audience of over 709K YouTube subscribers, he continued writing, recording, and producing everything out of his room at a prolific pace.

Em Beihold

Like drawing the curtains to let natural light flood a dark room, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and All-American fencing champion Em Beihold sprinkles sunny melodies over sadness, sowing the seeds for pensive and powerful pop. She turns moments of anxiety, doubt, and all the uncertainties of growing up into relatable and vital anthems uplifted by vulnerable performances and skyscraping vocal dynamics. Born and raised in Los Angeles of half-Persian descent, music called to her at just six-years-old. She spent years in piano lessons, learning classical and jazz. Simultaneously, she obsessed over favorite artists such as Regina Spektor. At her very first live show in 2016, director Michelle Schumacher enlisted Em to contribute a song to her film I’m Not Here starring Academy® Award winner J.K. Simmons. The songstress penned “Not Who We Were” for the movie, and it also adorned her independent debut EP, Infrared, a year later. In 2020, she launched her TikTok page. The chorus to “City Of Angels” reacted virally on the platform, translating to 5.6 million Spotify streams. She maintained this momentum in 2021 with “Groundhog Day.” Not only did the initial teaser light up social media with 20 million views, but the song cracked the Spotify Viral 50 in the U.S. and The Philippines, surpassing 6.6 million Spotify streams. After generating tens of millions of streams independently and receiving acclaim from The Wild Honey Pie, Indie Shuffle, Voyage LA, and more, she immediately makes a connection on her Moon Projects/Republic Records debut “Numb Little Bug.”

This show is at Miracle Theatre

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