The South Florida Change-Up: Yeek Plays Union Stage This August

Yeek will be joining us on 8/11, bringing his LA-based, South Florida bred sounds to the stage. Self described “experimental indie punk with hip-hop undertones,” Yeek genre-bends between hip-hop, rock, and pop. Instead of the rap artists South Florida is known for, newer musicians are leaning towards a sound influenced by alt-rock. Yeek, a product of this newer gen, is crafting rock, indie, and rap inspired blends that still have a DIY feel to them for a sound that is all his own.

South Florida has been producing young “SoundCloud rap” artists so quickly it can be hard to keep up, but Yeek comes from a newfound genre identity in Florida. New artists coming from the region are delivering tunes steeped in alt-rock, rather than rap, and his heartfelt music crosses through genres in a captivating and refreshing way. In an interview with i-D, Yeek expressed that he intends for his music to show a compilation of different types of love, the energy of youth in the city, and the complexity of emotions. Yeek captures the feelings of self-love, platonic love, and romantic love with tunes that garner hip-hop and rap undertones, but with an indie pop feel, greatly inspired by Yeek’s youth listening to hardcore, punk, and indie music. His music gives a laid-back vibe while still portraying the stress and confusion of life as a 20-something, with a commitment to quality production and writing. Personally, I’ve had the lovesick-heavy “Hollow Point” on repeat, from his newest album IDK WHERE, the whole of which blends together seamlessly for a perfect summer soundtrack.

Yeek will be joined by the LA based rap artist, Dotha. He and Yeek have made music together for years, but Dotha has been making a name for himself independently. His music is perfectly laid-back, bringing all the LA vibes straight into the chilled-out beats of his songs. Their collab on stage isn’t something you want to miss! Get your tix HERE. This is a co-production with Songbyrd Music House.

By Isabella Madrid

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