Stranger Things at The Wharf: Work In Progress ft. Gaten Matarazzo at Union Stage

On August 17, seven-piece band Work in Progress will appear at Union Stage for the last show on their first North American tour. While the rest of the world dives into Stranger Things 3 this summer, Gaten Matarazzo (you may know him as Dustin Henderson) is working on the sound of Work in Progress, brought together by his two siblings and their four friends from Pinelands Regional High School. Since the band’s inception in 2017, they’ve been perpetually experimenting with each other’s talents to find their own pocket of the rock genre. Matarazzo describes their far-reaching sound as completely inspired by bands like Paramore, Guns N’ Roses, and Fall Out Boy. Dreams came true for the band last year when Hayley Williams invited the Matarazzo siblings onstage during her Brooklyn show after hearing their cover of Misery Business. Work in Progress spreads their fierce passion for rock and music while proving that there is serious strength in numbers with a rock band.

All of the hard work they’ve invested into this project can be heard in their two hard-hitting singles “Dream Eater” and “Waste My Time.” Though the age range of the band members is significant (from a 15-year-old freshman in high school on drums to a 21-year-old guitarist), the straightforward lyrics in both singles strike tones far greater than teen angst. The records give the audience insight into the personal feelings of each band member as they’re strung together into universal, relatable ideas. WIP is still a young band, both in age and experience, but their youth only shows through in the energy presented onstage. Gaten winds down after a huge press tour following the premiere of Stranger Things 3 and jumps headfirst into this tour with his friends and family surrounding him. Don’t miss this band as they finish up their tour at Union Stage this August. Tickets available here.


By Carly Buckner

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