Laps Around The Sun: Ziggy Alberts at Union Stage This Week

Ziggy Alberts will be taking the stage and gracing US with his Australian folk charm on June 24th, joined by fellow singer-songwriter Garrett Kato. Ziggy Alberts hails from Byron Bay, Australia, delivering acoustic jams clearly inspired by his life on the coast. His music has a lightness to it while still winding through important themes of climate change, conservation, and the anxieties that can come in the discoveries and growth of relationships.

For his most recent album, Laps Around the Sun, Alberts has taken a new, more thoughtful and intensive route for its creation. His distinctly coastal, acoustic, singer-songwriter feel that we know and love is still there, but he’s pushed himself out of the genre-box for this one. He introduces new instruments to his acoustic guitar heavy sound, with strong catchy beats and clean vocals. This exploration has led to an album that tells a story, inspired greatly by his love for the ocean. His ecological themes complement his soft folksy sound perfectly, and harmoniously join the other songs on his album that explore themes of adaptation, change, and romance. His new music sounds earnest, sincere, and deliberate while still being relaxed, and the risk taking of genre exploration has clearly paid off. He delivers a fresh and authentic sound that is perfect for a summer night.

Opening for Ziggy Alberts will be Garrett Kato, who is, similarly to Alberts, a singer-songwriter based in Byron Bay, Australia. His music expresses strong emotion and messages about love, loss, and change, with a strong pop-folk sound employing melodic guitar chords and wistful vocals. The vulnerability of the lyrics and messages gives his music a sincere sound and a passion full of heart, which has been developed over his time from his childhood in Vancouver, to his time in Byron Bay. He took a risk in life to pursue music, moving to Byron Bay with little else but a backpack and a guitar, and this risky adventure of street-side performances 12,000 km from home has found his rustic music gaining popularity rapidly. He and Ziggy Alberts share a history, and Kato produced Albert’s 2015 breakthrough single “Runaway,” which clocked in nearly 24 million streams. Catch them both for an intimate and folksy show as they take the stage with their tunes from Down Under.


By Isabella Madrid