Legacy Visualized: Jamila Woods at Union Stage This June

In four days, Chicago multidisciplinary artist, Jamila Woods, will be performing her new record, LEGACY! LEGACY! at Union Stage (show is SOLD OUT). An unparalleled powerhouse, Woods shows no sign of slowing down, and I would highly recommend getting to see her in such an intimate setting before the size of room catches onto her flame.

On the follow-up to her debut album, HEAVN, Woods’ profound lyricism falls sweetly from her tongue and is then enraptured by lush succulent production. Sensually rhythmic, the underlying beat of each track, often syncopated and stuttering, carries an undeniable groove, leaving the listener with perfect head-bobbing jams that make you think.

With LEGACY! LEGACY!, the illustrious artist presents carefully crafted tributes to cultural icons while cementing herself on her own right and in her own light. Her voice sits atop a throne of empowering anthemic compositions twinkling with synthetic and jazz-influenced subtleties.

Throughout the album, Woods traces her legacy through her personal history and lineage, paying devoted respect to the onerous path of her ancestry and bloodline. Simultaneously the record is a record about self-love and paying respect to herself before any lover.

Overflowing with quippy one-liners that would fit just as well as a personal mantra as they would on a protest sign, Woods’ record is a proclamation of her worth and humanity. A celebration of her life fire, LEGACY! LEGACY! is Woods acting on her most actualized vision.

By Ava Mirzadegan

Union Stage & Songbyrd Present Jamila Woods at Union Stage on 6/4 – SOLD OUT

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