Now On Sale: Three Nights with Michael Che (of SNL) at The Miracle Theatre this June

SNL Comedian Michael Che will be performing at The Miracle Theater in SE DC on June 7th, 8th, and 9th! Che has been named one of Rolling Stone’s “50 Funniest People” and Variety’s “Top 10 Comedians to Watch.” To get ready for the Weekend Update man himself, we are giving you the top 5 funniest videos of Che, chosen by US.

  • Michael Che – Lying on Your Resume, Paying Taxes, and The History of Sexting (Comedy Central Stand Up)

With over one million views, this stand-up routine is absolutely hilarious. This video is painfully relatable as Che talks about lying on his resume in desperate need for money, the unfairness of taxes, and the idea of what sexting was like before cell phones.

  • Michael Che – White Women in Brooklyn (Just for Laughs)

This is a must see. Che makes the crowd roar as he talks about building the most fearless army yet…all white women. “They rescue pitbulls for fun. Do you know how dangerous you gotta be to do that?”

  • Michael Che Points Out the Lies He Told in a “Things You Don’t Know About Me” Article (The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon)

What’s better than a Michael Che and Jimmy Fallon combo? Nothing. Che talks about messing with press and lying on his “Things You Don’t Know About Me” article. He said his mother is famous in Puerto Rico. “I mean it’s plausible because I’ve never been to Puerto Rico.”

  • Weekend Update: Gretchen – SNL

Michael Che pretending to be a liberal white woman named “Gretchen” is something we didn’t know we needed. From reading the Lena Dunham book, to listening to profane rap, and to top it all off….Sunday Brunch.

  • Michael Che Matters – Black Lives Matter | Netflix is a Joke | Netflix

A light-hearted take on Politics is Che’s forte. Che is combating the “all lives matter” argument saying it’s just semantics. “This would be like if your wife came up to you and asked ‘do you love me?’ and you responded with “Baby, I love everyone!”

By Kayley Nagle

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