Save The Date(s): Cave In, Tobi Lou, Ron Pope and More Coming Soon to US

We’ve got a great fall and winter season coming up at Union Stage! Below are a few of some of the shows we’re looking forward to hosting. Read up on the acts, and scoop your tickets now while they’re still available!

Cave In
10/16/19 · Doors 7 / Show 8
Get Tickets · Genre: pop metal / rock

Formed in 1995, Cave In has been experimenting with heavy sounds over time, starting with the more traditional post-hardcore / metalcore of their earlier records to more pop-forward experiementaion of their later works. In 2003 the band received mainstream recognition for their 2003 RCA Records album, Antenna, and it’s lead single “Anchor.” Cave In had been on a hiatus since 2014 after the release of The Sacrifice Poles, but made a return earlier this summer with Final Transmisison. The 9 track album pulls a strong return for the band as they get back on the road touring with their huge repertoire behind them and the excitement of new music. $1 of every ticket purchased will be donated to the Caleb Scofield Fund in memory of Cave In’s late bass player.

Kid Quill
10/6/19 · Doors 7 / Show 8
Get Tickets · Genre: pop / hip-hop

Indiana recording artist Kid Quill has been pursuing his musical career for years and continues to promote his carefully crafted sound throught the Meet me at Sunset tour. In 2016 he released his debut album, The Name Above the Title with 15 tracks that introduced the world to his corner of rap and his pop melodies. Kid Quill has stayed independent throughout his growth and released his most recent album, 94.3 the Reel, in 2017. 94.3 brings the listener through the experience of listening to live radio and hearing their favorite artists. Mixed with “skits,” full track, and quasi radio edits, the album offers an original experience of listening to a record. Kid Quill tours this summer showing off the success of his past albums while experimenting with his new and exciting content.

Landon Cube
9/19/19 · Doors 6:30 / Show 7:30
Get Tickets · Genre: hip-hop / alternative

Landon Cube carefully balances his singer/songwriter vibes and his creativity as a producer with his new album, Orange. As a Maryland native, he went to high school and finished up his first album in his home studio drawing heavy influence from Frank Ocean, Major Lazer and Justin Bieber. From earlier stripped down acoustic covers to the now glossy high-production original works, Landon Cube hones his sound and continues to put out exciting, progressive pop singles.

Tobi Lou
10/8/19 · Doors 7 / Show 8
Get Tickets · Genre: hip-hop

Tobi Lou was on the fast track to pursuing a professional Major League Baseball career when an injury halted his plans and forced him to turn back to his first passion: music. A Nigerian-born and Chicago-raised rapper, Lou draws influence from artists like Common and Twista, but was most heavily inspired by Kanye West. After releasing three EP’s he joined rapper Super Duper Kyle on tour and continues his oncoming career with the release of his mixtape Live on Ice as he headlines a 30 city North American tour.

Ron Pope
1/15/2020 · Doors 6:30 / Show 7:30
Get Tickets · Genre: Acoustic soft pop rock

Nashville singer songwriter, Ron Pope, returns in 2019 after the birth of his first daughter. This album, Daylight II, is a love letter to his newborn seen through his new perspective on life and mortality after having had a child. His previous work is plentiful and constantly transforming with moods ranging from upbeat, jazz laced tunes to bare, acoustic ballads. Pope’s shows are exciting and energetic, inviting the audience to be entangled in the stories of his life. This new album symbolizes the changes in Pope’s life, but the continued passion for touring and sharing his story proves that the love for his craft will not waver.

By Carly Buckner