We Stand With #SAVEOURJOBSDC: How You Can Help

Tough times call for tough measures. We’re all feeling the squeeze this year, and likewise collectively bummed we can’t blow off steam together at a show. As you all know, live music cannot and will not be replaced as an experience. We’re taking measures now to ensure we’ll be able to deliver high quality live music experiences with you very soon, thanks to all of DC for your support so far.

Local events and hospitality businesses are especially hurting right now. We’re asking you our friends and family to help us call out to the Mayor and city council for employee relief, via the inspiring #SAVEOURJOBSDC campaign.

Our businesses need your help! Please support all that you can, it means the world. <3

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Here’s how it works:

  • Check out their site here, read up on the campaign and how your voice will be heard
  • Use the boxes to fill out your information and provide a personalized message to the Mayor and councilmembers
  • Give Union Stage a shout out if you want!
  • Post about it on your social media, with the hashtag #saveourjobsdc
  • That’s it! Maybe buy some tickets in celebration?

Here’s what #saveourjobsdc has to say:

In this pandemic, our local D.C. restaurants, retailers, hotels and entertainment businesses are struggling to survive, and their employees’ jobs are at risk if not already gone due to COVID-19 restrictions necessary to protect public health and safety. These local businesses are doing everything they can to survive and many of them have been forced to close, facing an uncertain future and no clear path forward. Without support from the city, many local businesses will not survive and the countless jobs they provide will be lost.

Now is the time to act and share your story of how COVID-19 has impacted your business or your job and urge the city to take immediate action.

Take action today. Tell your story. Save our local businesses and jobs.

Contact the Mayor and D.C. Council now.