JUST ANNOUNCED: Jeff Rosenstock / Martha / Bad Moves at Union Stage in April

Excited to announce Mr. Worry himself—Jeff Rosenstock—will be performing at Union Stage this April with UK’s Martha and DC’s Bad Moves! Hot on the heels of his surprise release POST-, Rosenstock will be touring the country, bringing his particular brand of grown-up-but-spazzed indie punk to excited fans.

The show will be on April 18, 2018, and tickets will be on sale Friday January 5 at 10 AM. Scoop ’em here.

Comedian Chris Gethard shared some words on Rosenstock, and aging with punk rock. It’s a sweet and raw look at how to stay true to yourself. Check out a snippet below:

“…No one I’ve ever met creates art that encapsulates this state of mind more than Jeff. It’s music that’s catchier than any other music, music you can scream along to in a joyous frenzy. But simultaneously, if you really listen to the lyrics you’re shouting, they can speak to a loneliness and desperation so profound it’s soul crushing. I’ve lost myself in joy to Jeff’s songs and I’ve sat alone depressed to Jeff’s songs, and I’ve felt both those things to the same song, sometimes on back to back listens.

Nobody can take the exhilaration and possibilities of life and balance them with the depression of a laundry room on a Saturday night like Jeff Rosenstock. His music can be like a funeral taking place inside a bouncy house, or like a kids’ birthday party taking place inside a morgue. I say that with the utmost sincerity and the intent to offer only the highest of praise.”