Surfing Before Sunrise: Talking Travel, Inspiration and Rainy Days with Irish Producer/Songwriter Talos

Maybe its obvious to say, but its easy to forget how important a role geography plays in our perspective. Far Out Dustthe latest album from Irish producer-songwriter Talos—finds Eoin French taking stock in his life and motivations as he traversed from his native Ireland, to such far of locales as Los Angeles, Iceland and New York City. “Each place had a huge influence on the sound of this album and gave me so much inspiration while I made it,” he says, of his mindspace while making the record.

We’re excited to host Talos at Union Stage on 5/1/19! We caught up with French as he toured China, discussing topics such as inspiration, memory and future plans. Tickets to the show are available here, for now.

Interview by Kayle Nagle

KAYLEY NAGLE: I’ve been loving your new album Far Out Dust. What is the best environment for listeners to enjoy the album? Help us set the scene.

EOIN FRENCH: I think it’s an album born in transit, so maybe it’s best listened to amidst some travel. I made it between my hometown Cork, Reykjavik, New York and LA. Each place had a huge influence on the sound of this album and gave me so much inspiration while I made it.

KN: If we wanted to get to know you in just one song, which would it be? Which lyrics give us the strongest glimpse into who you are?

EF: I think Far Out Dust quite bluntly paints a picture of me. I have forever made music that has sought to be as honest as possible, and have never hid in what I’ve made. We all wear masks from time to time, but I think it is a necessity not to when making music.

KN: I read that you are an Irish native! How have your roots shaped you as an artist?

EF: It has been at the core of everything I’ve made. Again it comes down to creating something honestly, we can only start out from where we begin and I am lucky to come from a beautiful and stark corner of the world. I think in a way it paints a picture of the landscape that I have been brought up in.

KN: Who is one artist you’d die to collaborate with? What type of music would you make together?

EF: I’ve been very lucky to have been able to collab with some amazing artists already, like Valgeir Sigurdsson and Ian Chang of Son Lux. Someone that I would really love to work with is Jon Hopkins, I’ve forever been a fan and it would be amazing to see what would come from a collab like that.

KN: How has the tour life been? What is your favorite city you have visited so far? Any places you are excited to revisit?

EF: It’s been wild! We are in the middle of four dates in China. I think Shanghai is somewhere that blew all our minds, none of us had ever been to Asia before so it was a total assault on the senses. We love playing in America and Washington is definitely way up there for us.

KN: What do you do on rainy days? Do you have a go-to TV show? A favorite dish to cook?

EF: It rains A LOT in Ireland so we tend to live out a lot of our lives to the backdrop of rain. Some of my most memorable times growing up is getting up before the sun on a cold wet morning and going surfing wit my younger brother Brían, so maybe that!

KN: What can we look forward to from you in 2019?

EF: You can look forward to more music, more gigs and more work from us.

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