Novel Skills: An Interview with Brian Dunne

We’re thrilled to host a special performance with NY folk-pop wunderkind Brian Dunne on the Jammin Java instagram THIS THURSDAY (5/21) at 7 PM EST! Be sure to tune in if you’re free, it’ll be a doozy. A reminder that our ongoing YOU & US live streaming series is here to benefit our staff during this time. If you like what you see and are anxious to get back to the good old days, please consider donating to our staff via this link.

We caught up with Brian over email while he was at home. Read about his time at home, challenges of releasing an album in Spring of 2020, and media recommendations for anyone looking for something new.

US: How are you spending your time at home these days?

BD: Well I’m reading and writing a lot. And definitely drinking a lot. But mostly I’ve been using this time to brainstorm as many ways possible to get my music to people in this incredibly strange time. I want to entertain.

US: Congrats on the release of Selling Things! How has the feedback been? What challenges did you face releasing an album in 2020? Any fun solutions you found for getting the word out?

Thanks! The feedback has been truly incredible and the reviews have been stellar. The challenges on the other hand… *points at the news*

The best I can offer in terms of a solution that I have found is this: now is the time to get back to basics and think about what we can offer. As a musician, I have a very novel set of skills. How can I use these skills to help put people at ease or take their minds off the grim reality? That’s where my head is at right now anyways.

Brian Dunne – Selling Things (out now!)

US: Any recommendations for movies, TV and music—new and old?

BD: Always.

Music: I love the new Phoebe Bridges singles. Also the new Caroline Rose record and the new Ken Yates record. And the last Vampire Weekend record. And The Very Best of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

TV: 30 rock will make you feel better.

Movies: All of them. Now is the time to watch every single movie.

US: What are some of your favorite memories of playing Jammin Java and Union Stage over the years?

BD: Jammin Java and Union Stage are 2 of my favorite venues in the world. Anytime Pat Hester is on the foh, I know the show is gonna be good. So I guess anytime I see his face back there, I know soundcheck is probably going to take about a minute.

US: What are you looking forward to most in the coming months (and beyond)?

BD: Well hopefully a return to normalcy. But I’ll keep doing what I do; trying to sling the songs to the people.