Everyone That Supports Me: Choker Plays Union Stage This March

This Spring at Union Stage, we’re hosting a ton of exciting up-and-coming acts. One such performer – Choker – is working hard to bring experimental¬†instrumentation and emotional crescendos to his dream pop / rnb post-Frank Ocean sound. Out now on a full US tour, Choker will be coming out east following his last week at SXSW. We caught up with the Michigan-based producer / songwriter while they were touring over email, and got to discuss topics such as inspiration, jewelry and sleep. Catch Choker at Union Stage on March 26!

UNION STAGE: Congrats on all the love on Honeybloom! Do you read reviews? How do you deal with accolades and gaining new fans? Are most people respectful?

CHOKER: No, I don’t read reviews. Yes, people are respectful. People respect my boundaries usually.

US: How do you find inspiration? How would you describe the most inspiring environment and / or frame of mind when writing and recording your music? Pointers for building a proper music environment for burgeoning songwriters / producers?

C: It’s all about comfortability, however you find that, do it. For me, I like being alone & centered. I look at photos & videos, either from my own life or random stuff I find.

US: What is your favorite part about going on tour? How have the shows been going? Looking forward to anything in DC in particular?

C: My favorite part about going on tour is getting to see everyone that supports me. They’ve been pretty good, lots of fun. Some fans said they’re bringing insomnia cookies, so I’m looking forward to that.

US: What are you listening to these days? Any recommendations for new music for readers?

C: I’m listening to Talking Heads, this album named PINK by a Japanese band named Boris, and I’ve been listening to Lomeida. Recommendations? Listen to Yves Tumor and CHAI.

US: Do you wear a choker? Other jewelry? How would you describe your personal style?

C: I wear other jewelry, bracelets & rings usually.

US: Did your upbringing in Michigan influence your songwriting? Why or why not? How?

C: Yes, because it was the environment I was in. It made me looks inwards for inspiration, especially during winter.

US: What do you have planned for 2019?

C: After this tour, sleep.