STRANGER-ER THINGS: Interview with Asher Meerovich of VoidLife | Stranger-er Things at Union Stage This Month

On Tuesday January 16th, Union Stage will be hosting Stranger-er Things, a night of live scoring to sci-fi television presented by VoidLife Records and Uptown Art House. At the helm of of the creation of Stranger-er Things is Asher Meerovich, founder of VoidLife Records and guitarist of The Void House Band live scoring Twilight Zone. Get your tickets here.

By Eric Zidar


Union Stage: Tell me a bit about the concept for Stranger-er Things, what it’s going to be like?

Asher Meerovich: It’s going to be a seated show, a little more chill, and observation based that a typical concert. The concept is that it’ll be a relaxed experience for people to come unwind after work, a bit like watching Netflix. There’ll be a big screen set up, and the artists will play original scores behind it. The episodes were carefully selected by the bands, and they’ve been working very hard on writing them. People can come watch the shows they love with the enhancement of the live music experience. We’re super excited to see people’s reactions.

US: How did the idea for this show come about?

AM: We were excited when we heard about Union Stage opening, and we wanted to help break it in Void style. When we throw shows in the DC area, we try to do things differently, and create a unique experience for show-goers. We are always aiming to bring new and exciting music and experiences to DC/College Park, and break the mold of what the concert experience can be.

US: What went in to pairing artists with the TV shows?

AM: We picked the groups ahead of time, and gave them some suggestions for TV shows, but ultimately let them choose. We told them to keep it weird, voidey, and to bring their own voice to the shows we love. All the acts are really unique and different. Zack Be, who will be performing to Twin Peaks, is a phenomenal bassist who plays with Cartoon Weapons and with another band under his own name. His performance will be very virtuosic and experimental, with elements of prog rock and jazz fusion. Uptown Renaissance, who will be performing to Dr. Who, is a supergroup comprised from members of Nag Champa and Raygunomics. The band includes Jamal Gray who is a master pillar of the DC community. They are going to showcase various elements of free jazz, latent hip-hop, and dark electronic and will surely be very special. Closing out the show will be The Void house band, which features members of The Tomato Dodgers and Humbalaya, both of which live at our house in College Park called The Void. I’ll be playing guitar in that band, and it will be in the vain of grand orchestral music translated through rock.

US: Tell me a bit about VoidLife Records and what y’all do around DC?

AM: VoidLife is an event production service that books and promotes events primarily in the DMV. We try to throw unique shows and create unique experiences for people. We also operate as a record label for bands that we believe in and want to work with. We recently hosted a packed out Halloween party at Rock & Roll Hotel which began with a New Orleans brass band leading a parade of people down H Street to the show, and we also did a ACLU Benefit at Black Cat that we sold out and raised money for a great cause. We try to do all types of things, we even did a secret festival up in Connecticut that we felt was a huge success. I also book shows at MilkBoy Arthouse, a beautiful new venue in College Park. We work really hard to make it all happen, and have tons of new and exciting stuff coming up that we can’t wait to share.

US: What are your top Twilight Zone episodes?

AM: There’s this really dark episode where a serious hypochondriac becomes immortal. When he realizes he can’t die, he becomes totally miserable. Ultimately, he kills his wife in hopes of being executed by the state. Instead, he is sentenced to life in prison, which – for him – means eternity.

US: You have one final meal in DC, where do you go?

AM: Thai Xing on Florida Ave.