The CooLots

Thu May 31

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


· Full dinner and drink menu available

The Washington, DC based Peace & Body Roll Duo BOOMscat, consists of multi-instrumentalist/producer, Asha Santee (BOOM), and vocalist/songwriter Jennifer Patience Rowe (scat). Together, they create a sound that ignites vulnerability, elevation and self-reflection. Since their conception in the fall of 2012, BOOMscat has released 3 projects, toured venues across the country, and has mesmerized crowds large and small. Drawing comparisons to Floetry and Erykah Badu, they have garnered support from soul music veterans Kindred & The Family Soul and gospel music legend Richard Smallwood.

In 2013, BOOMscat dropped their first live EP “The West Wing Project” to rave reviews and a great reception from the public. They headlined the "Peace & Body Roll Tour" at intimate clubs, as well as, performing at major venues including the historic Howard Theatre.

In 2014, BOOMscat returned home to news of becoming a House Artist Grant winner, which afforded them the opportunity to produce and record a new project pro bono from House Studio in Washington, DC. Completing the recording and production process in only 4 days, resulted in the amazingly incomparable “No Life Jacket” EP, which was released in December 2014 reaching #18 on the iTunes R&B charts and led to BOOMscat being voted as BYT’s Top 25 Artists to Watch 2015 They toured the country with the "No Life Jacket Tour" performing at major festivals and clubs including SXSW, SOB's, and Baltimore Soundstage.

Currently, BOOMscat is preparing for the release of their first full length album in 2016. BOOMscat continues to break the mold, creating real music with real feeling. The mind requires emotional meditation. BOOMscat is the method. Press play.
The CooLots
The CooLots
The CooLots are intersectionality personified. The Washington, D.C.-based band embodies a sound that the RAW community describes as a “melting pot of different styles and talents [that] come together to create feelings never experienced before.”

The talented individuals that form this eclectic band each carry a style all their own; however, they come together to form a synergetic group that appeals to the eccentric in us all. The CooLots effortlessly move across a spectrum of genres including rock, alternative, indie, soul, and rhythm and blues, just to name a few. Their unbridled musicality is something akin to the sounds of No Doubt, M.I.A. Paramore, Sade, Staind, System of a Down, Jimi Hendrix, and N.E.R.D.

Their head-bopping, hip-rocking, alternative style has given us high-energy and infectious anthems, such as America, N.U.N. and Doors. In addition to playing at prominent D.C. venues including the Howard Theatre and the Rock and Roll Hotel, The CooLots have brought their sound to the Brooklyn Museum, Rhinestone Steel in Pittsburgh, P.A. and various venues in the Northeast, earning them a national fanbase in the process.

The CooLots are not here to fit in. They refuse to be bound by industry standards and societal expectations; rather, they use their platform to inspire personal evolution and growth. They are here to indulge the hip grinders, the lyrically inclined, the head bangers, and the soul sisters.

After listening to The CooLots, you will imagine yourself unlimited.
Venue Information:
Union Stage
740 Water Street SW
Washington, DC, 20024