Charlie Hunter Trio Featuring Silvana Estrada

Charlie Hunter Trio Featuring Silvana Estrada

Sat Feb 3

Doors: 5:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$22.00 - $28.00

Charlie Hunter Trio
Charlie Hunter Trio
Charlie Hunter is famous to some and widely considered the authority on the seven and eight string guitar. His fans across the globe travel great distances to marvel first hand at his technique and to savor the sweet sounds of his music.

With a career spanning 16 years and almost 20 albums, Charlie Hunter consistently ups his game as an innova-tive writer and bandleader. He has worked with the likes of Norah Jones, Mos Def, John Mayer, D’Angelo and countless others. He is widely considered the authority on the seven- and eight-string guitar, and continues to stun audiences with his ability to simultaneously bust out tasty bass parts, melodic leads and swinging rhythms.

Hunter has previously recorded for the venerable Blue Note label, Concord, Ropeadope, and GroundUPamong others. His recent independent venture is steered by his motivation to release music that most inspires him. Critics have touted his genius technique, but it's his profound artistic sensibility that propels his original music. Hunter's signature style of writing and performing has secured his place as one of today's great guitarists.
Silvana Estrada
Silvana Estrada
Silvana Esada, a native of Mexico’s southeast, had just started her studies of jazz at the Uni-versity of Veracruz and quickly became known throughout the Jazz Studies Centre as a unique triple-threat talent: a musician, vocalist and songwriter whose original compositions are a mixture of Latin American sounds and a vocal interpretation that comes from the Son Jarocho tradition of Veracruz.

A freshmen in college, Silvana found her way quickly with a band of kindred spirits calling themselves Ciudad De Los Flores (City of Flowers). On a whim after rehearsing one day, Silvana and the band took a road trip to hear one of their heroes - Charlie Hunter was in in Mexico City delivering a Master Class at the University.

Inspired (and pushed by Alex the drummer) the band waited to meet Charlie whereupon Silvana sang for him on the spot. Charlie was so impressed that he ended up staying in Mexico, calling his sound engineer buddy Chris Finney from New Orleans and together, they went all drove to magical hometown in the Southeastern hills of Mexico to record her debut album – Lo Sagrado (The Sacred) that will be released on Charlie’s non-profit 30Amp Circuit later this month.

After an enormous amount of paperwork (thank you Mister President) and an enormous amount of money (thank you Mister President) Charlie and his teammates were able to get Silvana a one year work Visa to take advantage of her music and newfound friends.

At only 19, Silvana Estrada has been steadily developing her identity within the Mexican soundscape through herliterary and musical creation. Her style is a mixture of Latin American sounds with “Mainstream Song”. Her vocals echo the son jarocho tradition of the Mexican southeast combined with prose that navigates between contemporary spanish-language poetry and Mexican music of the 20's— a uniquely rich sound, full of colors and stories, that rides the edge between tradition and modernity.

Since childhood, Silvana has taken part in the musical community of her city, evolving along the way as a per-former and composer. At 17 she started jazz studies at the University of Veracruz, Jazz Studies Centre (Jazz UV).

A member of the musical community since childhood,Silvana studied jazz at University of Veracruz and since has been heard alongside the biggest names in Mexican jazz and songwriting, such as Antonio Sánchez, Lalá, Ulises Hadjis, Juan Pablo Vega, Hernan Hecht, Iraida Noriega, David Aguilar and international stars like Carter McLean & Michael League.

She currently resides in Mexico City, performs nationwide, and lends her talents to short films & television series.
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Union Stage
740 Water Street SW
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