T.O.E - End of Relevance Tour

T.O.E. - End of Relevance Tour

Union Stage
All Ages
GA $15

- Full dinner and drink menu available


One might say that T.O.E. is a bit of a rock and roll resurrection. A retired marine, pediatrician, and family doctor, all with multiple children, come to a point in their lives where they ponder if they are still relevant as their children grow and move onward. They quickly realize they are not. Bob, Alex, and Matt team up with a real, professional musician / producer and Matt’s brother, Mark Williams, to celebrate their end of relevance by reforming their band, T.O.E., many years after their last gig. Their first show is a smashing success by the lowest of standards (our parents and friends enjoyed the show), setting in motion The End of Relevance Tour; a 1 and 1/2 to 2 hour extravaganza of blissful, fun originals blended with 70’s, 80’s, 90’s covers for all to enjoy. Perhaps, by the end of the show, you will clap as if entertained; and for a brief moment in time, we will be relevant once again!

Venue Information:
Union Stage
740 Water St SW
Washington, DC, 20024